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Handbook On Increasing Resilience in a Surveillance Society

surveillance Posted on Sat, April 23, 2016 15:18

Key considerations for policy-makers, regulators, consultancies,
service providers, the media, civil society organisations and the public

Beknopte en
overzichtelijke gids naar een bewuster omgaan met toezichtsystemen, zowel
die van bedrijven als die van de
overheid. Met vragen die de belangrijkste betrokken partijen (waaronder ook
consultants en IT-dienstenleveranciers) zich zouden moeten stellen. Bevat ook
achtergrond met definities en een overzicht van maatregelen voor alle
betrokkenen. Zeer goede basistekst.

aim of the IRISS handbook on Increasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies is
to help increase resilience in surveillance societies. It is aimed at six main
groups of stakeholders: policy-makers and regulators, consultancies, service
providers, the media, civil society organisations and the public.”

handbook is divided into three main parts.

One provides some background on resilience in surveillance societies.
defines the terms and identifies features of resilience and today’s
surveillance society.

Two lays out
a set of questions addressed to each of the stakeholder groups.
The questions are intended to provoke consideration of a proposed or existing
surveillance system, technology, practice or other initiative, whether the
surveillance system is truly necessary or proportionate, whether stakeholders
are being consulted.

Three offers a list of measures
that can be taken to increase resilience in a
surveillance society and to restrict the scope of surveillance systems to what
can be legitimately justified and to minimise the impacts of surveillance
systems on the individual, groups and society.”

handbook is not intended to be or replace a full-fledged surveillance impact
assessment (SIA) or privacy impact assessment (PIA). However, the handbook may
stimulate awareness that an SIA and/or PIA should be undertaken, especially in
the context of a mass surveillance system.”

Increasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies (IRISS) project received
funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research,
technological development and demonstration under Grant Agreement No. 285593.
IRISS comprises 16 partners from nine EU countries.”

Snowden Digital Surveillance Archive

surveillance Posted on Fri, April 08, 2016 13:53

Looking for the proof of mass surveillance? Here you find one source mentioned in the book (see books) of David Lyon: